Tiny Triumphs

1. Snagged over $600 worth of books for a mere $250.   (Your response) Really, you’re too kind.

2. Prevented SCI/D by eating super-sugary-highly-dyed-probably-not-even-real-food breakfast cereal this morning.  It’s (almostkinda) true! Then I found this and LOL’d.  I need me somma those meds, STAT!

(I’ll bet you ten bucks Fraulein looked at that blue rat picture and squealed at the cuteness thereof.)

3. Paid for like … everything.

4. Successfully avoided heatstroke by cuddling with my favorite inanimate object EVER – Good Lookin’s electric fan.  He (the fan; yes, it’s a he) is a studmuffin and we are in love.  (Well, Good Lookin’ is a stud too, but I digress.)  All he needs now is a name.  Suggestions?

5. Struck fear into the hearts of at least two freshmen.  (I made it up to them by smiling ever-so-nicely.  Memo to self: Thou Shalt Make Sure Thy Jokes Are Well-Placed)

Tiger thinks I'm cool, too.

Tiger thinks I'm cool, too.

Currently listening to: Stone Cold Crazy by Queen

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Triumphs

  1. I’m personally a fan of the green M&M’s. Call the fan Frank. I’m proud to know you enjoy the terror of freshmen. And you get bonus points if you were able to get your books from somewhere other than the bookstore.

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